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The TechStarZone Vision

Our team believes in the power of growth through data-driven methods with years of proven experience in the field of startup marketing and business development.  Through our combined experiences and continuous testing and improvement, we want to share our successful methods with you to grow your business.

  • Data Driven – driven by data, tested with time

  • Results Orientated – Built towards clear objectives

  • Research Led – Powered by years of industry experience and leadership

Our Team

The community of contributors who power the TechStarZone advisory team are here to give you the edge that you need to amplify your voice and take you to the next level with your business.

Melissa and Eric have decades of technology industry experience combined in areas such as systems engineering, architecture, sales, marketing, content marketing, technical marketing, evangelism, and thought leadership.

You can find Melissa’s technology blog at vMiss.net and Eric’s technology blog at DiscoPosse.com

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