Finding the Best Gel Pens for Notes

One could say I’m a professional note taker.  I survived undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, and today I still love my pen and paper.

The truth of the matter is that not all pens are created equal, and some are better than others.  On top of that, everyone has their own preference.

Let’s take a closer look at the best gel pens for taking notes.

best gel pens for note taking

Choosing the Best Gel Pens for Notes

When it comes to choosing a pen for any purpose, it all comes down to preference and functionality.

Today we’re going to talk about gel pens and note taking.

What should you think about when picking gel pens for notes?  Good question.

Here’s the things to consider.

  • Tip size.  What kind of line are you looking to write with?
  • Smearing.  Are you going to be writing fast?  Most likely yes when taking notes, so a pen that won’t smear is essential.
  • Paper.  What kind of paper are you using?  How thick is it?  Are you using both sides of it?  Some gel pens can be prone to bleeding through paper.
  • Color.  Are you looking for standard colors like black and blue?  Or something more fun?

Don’t worry, this list of gel pens for taking notes has something for everyone.

Best Gel Pens for Notes

These tested and true gel pens are great for note taking. I've tried them all out, and can tell you all about the pros and cons for each.

There are black pens, blue pens, and fun colored pens in this list, this list has something for everyone!

Each of these pens has been battle tested by note takers everywhere.

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Tips for Using Gel Pens

Remember, gel pens use water based ink, so water is the enemy!  Be careful of liquids, especially drinks while you are studying!  Even the condensation from a cold drink is enough to smear even the fasted drying gel pens.

While these pens do not generally bleed through paper, there are limits for everything.  Be sure to write quickly and lightly.

If you hold any gel pen in the same spot for an extended period of time, it will in fact bleed.

Looking for some other options?  Don’t forget my detailed guide to the best pen for taking notes, which also covers ballpoint pens and pencils.

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