The Best Pen for Taking Notes

When it comes to taking notes, a pen is a very important asset.  If you are looking for the best pen for taking notes, have no fear.  We are going to set the stage by looking at the types of pens out there, talk about the pros and cons of each, so you can decide what the best pen for note taking is when it comes to your needs.

best pen for note taking

These are all pens I have tried and tested, and use for taking notes myself.  Love gel pens?  Check out this list of the best gel pens for notes.

What’s Important for The Best Pen for Taking Notes

When it comes to picking the best pen for taking notes, there are a number of things to consider.

First of all is price, and quantity in a pack.  You may want to carry multiple note taking pens at once!

Next is how comfortable the pen is to write with.  Is the casing a weird shape that digs into your fingers?  Don’t worry, I won’t put any on this list that are uncomfortable to write with, but you should still consider this when looking.

Also, we can’t forget the type of ink in the pen.  This can be very important.

Along with ink, another important aspect of the best note taking pen is the size of the line you will be writing.  Do you like fine lines or thicker ones?  

Finally is color.  I always like to have a couple of colored pens on hand to augment my note taking, like making bullets next to important points, or underlining important topics.

Sometimes I switch color based on topic, so it is easy to look at my notes later.

It really comes down to personal presence when it comes to pens for taking notes.  Each person likes pens that write different.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of note taking pens, and the pros and cons of each.

The Best Note Taking Pen Types

Pens really break down into a couple of different types.  Let’s take a look at them, and if they are suitable for note taking.

Ball Point Pens for Note Taking

These are the most classic pens around, and can be great for note taking.  They are often very economical.  You really can’t go wrong with a ball point pen!

Pros: Economical, come in many different colors and line types.
Cons: If they are too economical, they may be uncomfortable to write with.  Don’t worry, I’ve taken a look at that for you!

Gel Pens for Note Taking

Gel pens are a little different than ball point pens.  They use a differ type of ink that is much thinner and more liquid than a ball point pen.  Some people love gel pens, and some hate them.

If you are considering a gel pen for note taking, the most important thing to look at is how fast the ink dries.  If you are writing very fast, the ink may smear, which is not good when you are taking notes.  I will only show you fast drying gel ink pens that won’t smear!

Pros: Fast to write with, and economical, come in many colors and line thicknesses.
Cons: If they are not fast drying, they may smear.  Pay special attention to this for note taking.

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Fountain Pens for Note Taking

Look, I absolutely love fountain pens, but are they they really the best for note taking?

I say no.  They can be messy, and like gel pens, use a thin water based ink.  Many fountain pen inks are prone to smearing.

There are, however options out there if you absolutely love fountain pens, so I will included a few for you.

Fountain pens are often not the best for fast writing though.  If you are already familiar with fountain pens, I will be sure to show you a few of the disposable type that could be good for taking notes, provided you are already used to using them.

Pros: Often comfortable to write with.
Cons: Prone to smearing and running, also more expensive than other options.

Refillable Pens for Note Taking

If you are really concerned with comfort when you are looking for the best pen for taking notes, you may want to look at a refillable pen.  These pens are generally more expensive than their disposable counterparts but they are meant to be re-used.

The ink is often very economical.  I will show you my absolute favorite refillable pen for note takings, which can be used with a ball point or gel based ink refill.

Pros: The most comfortable to write with, many options for ink refils.
Cons: More expensive than disposables, especially if you are prone to losing pens.

The Best Pen for Taking Notes, Complete Guide

Now here is my ultimate guide for the best pen for taking notes.  Each pen clearly states what type it is, to make it easy for you to find the best pen for your needs.

Best Pen for Taking Notes

Here are the best pens for taking notes, no matter what type of pen is your favorite! They have all been evaluated for the features we talked about earlier - especially comfort!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the list, you will learn one of my secrets for note taking and find something you may not have even considered!

Still looking for more great pens? I'm a total pen freak and I've tested so many I can't even keep track!

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