The Best Pens for Your Passion Planner

As an early adopter of the Passion Planner (I started with Passion Planner in 2014 after the original Kickstarter), I have figured out quite a few tips and tricks for using it.  As you may know, one of the most important decisions you have to make when it comes to a planner is what pens you are going to use to write in it.

What is a Passion Planner?

The Passion Planner is a planner best known for being goal oriented.  At the beginning of each year, it helps you to set goals.  Then, it allows you to check in with your goals on monthly basis to see how you are doing.  It asks you insightful questions like “What have you learned over the last month?” and “What are you grateful for this last month?”.

This kind of reflection and introspection is great for achieving goals, and helping you to become more productive and focused.

The Passion Planner comes in different colors every year, and you are bound to find something that suits your needs.  The folks at Passion Planner like to change things up, and different variants are often released.  It comes in Yearly, Academic, and Undated versions, and features a monthly and different weekly layouts.

Within each weekly layout, there is also a great spot for brainstorming, and to do lists.  You can find a closer look at the Passion Planner layout here.

In 2019, the Passion Planner Daily is going to come out, which is a departure from the usual weekly layout.

Whenever a new Passion Planner variant comes out, one thing remains the same:  the quality.

The Passion Planner is truly indestructible, the covers are nice and thick and hold up to a years worth of wear and tear.  The other true differentiator is the paper.  The paper inside the Passion Planner is of a very high quality, and very thick (unlike some thinner competitors like the Hobonichi planners).

This brings us to the purpose of this article.

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The Best Pens for Passion Planner

Because the paper is so great within the Passion Planner, there are many different types of pens and markers you can use within your Passion Planner.  I personally enjoy a mix of black and colored pens so I can really plan my time.  Here are my favorite pens for the Passion Planner, along with different ideas on ways to use them.

Best Pens for Passion Planner

When it comes to your Passion Planner, the sky is the limit! I'm a huge pen nerd, so here are my go to choies that cover everything you would ever want to do with your Passion Planner.



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