How to Be a Productive Blogger from Your Phone

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These days, almost everyone has a smartphone, although keeping it charged is another story!  There are many things you can do from your smartphone to be a productive blogger on the go!  Let’s take a look at these things to keep you productive wherever you are, whenever you are.

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Some things are harder than others to do, so we will start with those before moving on to the things that are super easy and work well on an iPhone or smartphone.  If you are looking to be completely productive on the go, check out our guide to blogging from your iPad:

blog from iPad social media productivity

Hint: you can do everything easily there with the big screen and real keyboard!

Things Harder to Do on An iPhone

Some things are naturally hard on the iPhone due to the keyboard and the tiny screen.

Checking Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two essential tools for every blogger.  If you are not using them, you should be!  In fact, in our essential list of things to do before your launch your blog, these two are listed!  Be sure to check out that article for how to links if you are not already taking advantage of these FREE, powerful tools.

For example, using Google Analytics and Google Search console are a little rough, but it can be done.  It all depends on your eyes!

Writing a Blog Post

Another thing that can be difficult (based on how well you text!) is writing a blog post.  For some, this may be hard, but for others it may be easy!  It all depends with how good you are with the on screen keyboard and how big your smartphone is.

These are two things that I personally prefer to leave to my iPad or computer, but it is worth a shot to try for everyone.

Things Easy to Do on An iPhone

Now, let’s go to things that are super easy to do on your iPhone or smartphone.  With today’s technologies, the possibilities are endless when it comes to mobile devices, but this is focused on high impact quick win tasks.

Why? We all know how hard it can be to find time in the day to get everything done we need to do.  Five minutes on your smartphone can go a very long way if you spend your time wisely.  Let’s take a look at quick things to make your time more productive from your phone.

View Stats Easily With JetPack on WordPress

If you are using JetPack on your WordPress blog, JetPack stats are super easy to view on your iPhone.  Just make sure you have JetPack added to your WordPress dashboard, and you will be ready to go anytime you log in with your iPhone!

While I still love Google Analytics and Google Search console, and they also have various WordPress plugins to view your data from your WordPress site, JetPack is still a great way to get a quick overview of your statistics right from the comfort of your WordPress.  Beyond just statistics, JetPack can also monitor your site and back it up for you.  You are backing up your site, right?

Check Social Media Accounts

Every social media platform has an app that is easy to use on a iPhone or smartphone!  Let’s face it, almost everyone works with social media directly from their mobile devices, so this is a no brainer when it comes to being productive from your phone.

It is very easy to reply, repost, and engage with your audience, all from the comfort of your phone.  These are all things to do that are absolutely key to your social media success.

common social media mistake fix avoid how to blog

Be sure to avoid some of the most common social media mistakes and check in on your platforms regularly!

Create Images With Canva

It is easy to create social media images with Canva’s app.  If you are not a natural when it comes to creating blog and social media images, Canva is the place to start!  It is easy to create an image from scratch, and Canva has many many free templates to get you started.  You can also save your images to Cloud storage like DropBox, OneDrive, or iCloud to make it easy to access your images from whatever device you are using.

Read Example Blogs to Become a Better Writer

It is very easy to read blogs on your phone!  Reading example blogs is a great tool to help you become a better writer.  It will help you learn what you do and do not like in a blog post, and to craft your own writing style.  It is important to keep some things in mind when you are reading example blogs, like:

What do you like or dislike about the blog you are reading?

Was this blog post easy to read?

Was this blog post a good use of your time?

Be sure to check out the guide to reading example blogs here.  This is truly a secret hidden weapon in every blogger’s arsenal!

Review and Update Your Blog Idea List

Keeping a running list of blog ideas is a big part of making sure your creative blog ideas are always flowing!  Eventually, all of my blog ideas make it to a digital platform such as Evernote or OneNote so they are easy to access on all of my devices.  It is easy to take a quick glance at your blog idea list from your phone to get inspired!

Even just a few moments looking at this blog idea list can be enough to spur creativity and create new blog ideas.  Be sure to check in on your list often!

The iPhone Battery Conundrum

I have been a loyal iPhone user for well over a decade, and my whole family is in on the iPhone ecosystem.  That means I am not going anywhere soon, and will remain an iPhone user for a very long time.

Let’s face it, sometimes iPhones do not have best battery life, especially as they get older.  I have an iPhone 6S and I feel like I always have it plugged in when I am home.  I have found a few things that help with battery life:

  • Make sure to close apps when you are not using them.
  • Disable Bluetooth when you do not need it.
  • Use Low Power Mode (Turn it on in Settings -> Battery)

Beyond that I have not found much else to be useful, so I have given up and I carry a battery pack in my bag just in case.  I have used the same battery pack for over five years without issue, it still charges my phone a number of times, and I can use it to charge my iPad too!  While it is a bit on the bigger side, I would rather have a bigger battery pack with lots of power versus a small one that just charges my phone once.

Best of all this battery pack works with any smart phone or device that uses a USB charger.  Just plug the USB charging cable into the battery pack and charge those devices up.

Smartphone Productivity is Essential For Us All!

Smartphones, whether they be iPhones or Android phones or anything else for that matter are a huge part of daily life for many of us.  Many of us also also struggle to find all of the time in the day we need to be productive.  By using the simple tips in this article, you can steal back minutes from your day and turn them into productive working time, no matter where you are, or what time it is.

Do you have any more smartphone productivity tips?  Be sure to let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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