How to Fit Blog Writing into Your Busy Life

Whether blogging is part of your day job, a hobby, or a side hustle, we all know how hard it can be to fit blog writing into our busy lives.  Here are some tried and true tips I have learned over the years to get more out of the time I have with my very busy schedule.

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Wake Up Early

As long as you are not so tired you cannot function, waking up a little early or staying up a little late can help you find some more time in your day.  Start with 20-30 minutes and see how it goes.

If you are a morning person, try waking up a little early, and even work on your blogging morning routine!

blogging routine increase productivity

A good start to your day will keep you productive all day long!

Stay Up Late

Not a morning person?  While I have made an effort to become one, I still prefer the evenings.

If you are an evening person, try staying up a little later. Of course, if you are exhausted this is not the best thing to try.

My rule of thumb is when I have typed more than five typons in one sentnace it is time for bed!  You can also apply some of the tips and tricks from the blogging morning routine to your evening routine, such as:

Once again, start with 20-30 minutes and go from there, unless you are exhausted.  It is okay to skip a night if you need to!

Work Smarter Not Harder

Do you find yourself with time in your day when you are waiting for something?  It could be waiting to pick up your kids from school, waiting for something to bake, or waiting for anything really.

There are so many things you can do to be produtive from either your iPad or Smartphone.  While it may not be practical to carry an iPad everywhere, we aways have our phones.  Be sure to check out this guide for being productive from your phone:

productivity from phone for bloggers

Some of the higlights of things are:

While I have said before I am not a fan of blog writign on my iPhone, I ended up trying it recently, and it went much better than I expected!  If blog writing is not something you want to do on your phone, and you have an iPad, be sure to carry it around.  Ladies, this is where we have a major advantage!  My iPad Pro and Keyboard fit in my purse with no problems at all!

Make the Time

Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, and there is not anything we can do to change this.  What we can do is make the time to do things differently.

If you do not have any time in your day, I challenge you to keep track of how you are spending your time, for at least one day.  You may find things you can do differently to make time for blog writing.

For example, if you find yourself binge watching a show on Netflix, you can always open up your laptop, iPad or Microsoft Surface and try to get some writing done while you sit on the couch.  I am one of those people that like background noise, so I will often have Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or music on in the background.

Another good place to pick up time is on social media.  If you are spending time on Social Meida, other than the time you need to build your brand and readership, this is also a good place to reclaim some time.  Sometimes I find myself lost in Instagram or Pinterest, and I know we all do!

Start Small When It Comes to Blog Writing

Depending on how inspired you are, and how fast you write, it may not be feasible to fit the time into yuor day to write a whole blog at once.

Start small, and go from there.  Do not miss our complete guide to writing a blog post, where we give a detailed example on how blog writing works.

how to write a blog post

Break down your blog writing like this:

  • Come up with an idea
  • Write an outline
  • Write the contnet

Even if you do each of these little by little, in time you will have a complete blog post.  If you are only able to manage fitting in a paragraph or two of blog writing a day, that is still more than you bad before you got started.

There is nothing wrong with starting small and taking your time.

Blog Writing is Hard

Let’s face it, blog writing is hard, especially when it comes to making the time to sit down and write.  Many bloggers have full time jobs, familes, and other commitments that take up much of their time.  I hope these simple tips have given you new ideas on how to fit blog writing into your busy schedule.

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