CoSchedule, the Best Tool to Manage Your Startup’s Blog

I have been a blogger for a long time, and one thing that has definitely increased is the amount I write, and the number of places I need to post and promote my writing. The one thing that has not increased, however is the amount of time I have every day. While my strong suit is generating content, the wheels usually come off the bus when it comes time to promote it. I have used some free tools in the past, but they seem to be free for a reason, since they often cost me more time than I save. I even caved in and paid for a tool, but I still was not using it on a regular basis since it was so cumbersome and just never worked right.

Enter CoSchedule.

coschedule best tool to manage blog startup corporate

CoSchedule is Different

There are plenty of tools out there that would love to take your money, but CoSchedule is different.  I discovered CoSchedule by accident. I was researching how to write better headlines, when I came across CoSchedule’s completely free Headline Analyzer. This tool led me to poke around the CoSchedule site more, where I found a wealth of great tips and knowledge. The CoSchedule blog is the place to be for anyone laughing into the world of blogging.

This of course, made me take a look at the CoSchedule product itself (good job, CoSchedule!).

The Best Social Scheduling

First and foremost, CoSchedule is awesome at social scheduling. This should not be surprising since they have an awesome blog on how to schedule content promotion, and they make it easy to practice what they preach by building social campaigns right into the tool.  It can create a social schedule from any blog post you would like.  The social campaign makes it easy to promote content:

  • Same day as publish
  • Day after publish
  • Week after publish
  • Month after publish
  • Add as many extra custom dates as you would like!

It is also easy to schedule single messages with CoSchedule.  This is a great feature and is easy to use with the CoSchedule calendar.  I can sit down and spend five minutes getting some single scheduled messages out of the way:

coschedule stand alone message

CoSchedule will even pick the best time for me to publish the post.  CoSchedule also makes it easy to check out how your social messages are doing with advanced analytics.  You can pick the posts that do well and add them to a ReQueue content groups, then let ReQueue do the work for you by scheduling content when your social accounts need it.

Sadly, I have paid monthly for other platforms JUST for social scheduling, and still been sorely disappointed.  CoSchedule makes social sharing a breeze, but that is not all it does.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, Right in WordPress!

I can’t say enough about the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.  In fact, in my post on getting started with blogging for your startup or business, I specifically mention it as one of the most crucial tools.   and you can use it right in WordPress via the CoSchedule plugin. I tend to be the queen of tabs, and it gets annoying clicking back and forth between WordPress, Twitter, and the headline tool.

I can either create a new WordPress project for a blog post in CoScheule and work on my headline from the CoSchedule web interface, or I can use it right from WordPress like I am here:

coschedule headline analyzer WordPress

Clearly, I still have a bit of work to do on this headline, but the CoSchedule Plugin for WordPress makes it much more simple than it was before.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Blog

While content is one of your most important assets, your content will not do anything for you if you are not prompting it.  CoSchedule makes social campaigns and ad-hoc social message scheduling easier than you could ever imagine.  I cannot tell you how many times my promotion strategy was something along the lines of “tweet when I remember”, and I failed miserably!  Because CoSchedule integrates right with the other tools we use every day like WordPress and social medial platforms, it is even easier to use versus some stand alone social media scheduling tools.

Getting Started With CoSchedule

Getting started with CoSchedule is quick and easy.  I published my first post to social media within five minutes of signing up for my free trial, which does not require a credit card.  Be sure to sign up for your CoSchedule free trial right here and you will be glad you did!  CoSchedule is so quick and simple to use that it will give you hours of time back a week, so you can spend your time in other areas instead of being a slave to scheduling.

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