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Free Happy Planner Printable Pink Galaxy Weekly Stickers

I’m very excited to share my first FREE happy planner printable!  It is designed for the Happy Planner weekly plages.

I’ve learned quite a bit on my Happy Planner journey, like when I bought the type of Happy Planner that seems to be the last popular on clearance this year!

I bought it site unseen online, which wasn’t the best choice, but that’s ok.

While I ended up with the hourly layout, these Happy Planner stickers will also fit the classic happy planner vertical weekly layout no problem!

Why Pink Galaxy Planner Stickers?

Great question!  I love space, and I love pink, so why not.

I was making do with random free stuff I found online until now when it came to making my free printable planner stickers.

The Hobonichi Weeks Pink Galaxy layout was done with completely free stuff!  And it looks great!  I also did more sticker and icon style stuff with that layout since that seems to be the trend for Hobonichi weeks.

That’s a slightly different Pink Galaxy.  I ended up purchasing some digital paper from Digital Curio on Etsy.  I just kept coming across so many Digital Curio designs I loved over and over, that I decided to take the plunge and buy some.

So this is my first printable made with this digital paper versus the free stuff I was scrounging around for online.

I also stuck with huge blocks of color, because why not? 

I obviously still have a lot to learn, but hey, I think these are cute, and they are free!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

How to Print Pink Galaxy Stickers for Happy Planner

This printable is a single sheet PNG.

I have a Cricut maker, and I use the Cricut to print then cut these stickers.

Whatever you do, make sure you set to the image size to 9.25″ high by 6.75″ wide!  That makes sure the stickers print out correctly.

What Stickers Come With the Pink Galaxy Happy Planner Printable?

These are single sheet with lots of different options for your Happy Planner.

There are full block stickers, half block stickers, and a couple of sizes in-between. 

There are also thinner stickers meant to accent the side of the happy planner, so you can write notes next to them.  Thes come in full and half box size.

Finally, there is pink galaxy Washi tape for the bottom of your happy planner.


Just click on the above image to download and enjoy!  Be sure to let me know what kind of stickers you like in the comments.


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