Free Hobonichi Techo Printable Stickers

I have been a loyal Hobonichi user for a number of years at this point!  I find using my Hobonichi planners very relaxing, and love to share what I have learned with other planner addicts.  Don’t miss my list of my favorite pens for Hobonichi planners! I’ve used and tested so many of them!

Today I want to share a FREE printable of my Hobonichi Techo stickers!

free printable Hobonichi techo stickers

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Free Hobonichi Techo Planner Stickers – What’s Included?

I made a whole sheet of stickers for the Hobonichi techo planer with a variety of different purposes.  Let’s take a look at them in one of my Hobonichi pages:hobonichi techo stickers daily view

I have found these stickers to be a big help in the Hobonichi techo!  

Here’s how all of these stickers break down and are used.

Techo Timeline

This is shown with black text on a pink background.

This goes on the timeline of your daily Hobonichi page, and runs from 6 AM to 10PM, instead of 24 hours to give you more room for other things.

Techo Timeblock

This is shown as a white box with a gray outline.

These rectangles block out 2 hours of time on your timeline.

Techo Hydrate

This is shown as a gray background with white text and water glasses.

Did you drink your 8 glasses of water today?  This ticker goes on top next to the moon phase to help keep you in check.

Techo To Do

This is shown as black text with a pink background.

This to do list has space for 10 items, and goes under the techo hydrate sticker.  It also helps block off your daily schedule a little bit more.

Techo Gratitude

This is shown as a gray background with white text.

I like to start the day by writing down three things I am grateful for.  This helps me get rid of any negative thoughts, and puts me a good mindset to start the day!

These stickers are shades of gray and pink because I like that combination.  They may look different than they do on the computer screen when you print them.

Feel free to let me know any color suggestions in the comments!

Printing Your Hobonichi Stickers

You don’t need much to print these Hobonichi stickers.

First and foremost, you need a color printer.  Need a printer but haven’t decided which one to get yet?  Don’t miss the best printers for stickers!

You will also need some sticker paper.  One thing I noticed is that sticker paper often comes at a premium price tag, so instead I buy 8″ x11″ full sheet labels which are more economical.  My favorite ones are these.

The important thing to note is that this PNG is sized to 9.5″ high by 6″ wide, just make sure you print it at those dimensions and do not make it smaller or larger.

Cutting Your Hobonichi Stickers

I use my Circuit Maker to cut my stickers, by using the Circuit Print then Cut feature.

You can also cut them out by hand with a craft knife or scissors.  Most of these stickers are squares and rectangles, so they are easy to cut!

The cute round stickers may be a bit harder, but it can be done!

This download is a PNG file that can easily be uploaded to your Circuit Design space.  Just make sure you set the dimensions of the image to 9.5″ high by 6″ wide after you upload it.

The same goes for when you print it out to cut it by hand – make sure you do not scale the image, print it at its true size.

Using Your Hobonichi Stickers

These stickers are easy to use in your planner!  The one thing to keep in mind is how sticky your sticker paper is!

Hobonichi planners have very thin, delicate planners, so with most sticker papers, once they are on they are on, or you may rip the page trying to adjust your sticker.

Aligning everything perfectly used to really stress me out!  Now I try not to worry so much.  You can also try Washi sticker paper.  This is something I have looked into, but have not tried yet.

This kit has several different color combinations for each sticker so you can change things up.

Cheap Hobonichi Planner Stickers

I developed my own Hobonichi planner stickers because I’m cheap!  Instead of continuing to buy stickers online, I decided to try and make my own.

This is the first time I have ever tried to make planner stickers, and I think they came out pretty good!  Hobonichi stickers are extra challenging because the sizes are so exact in the planner.

The good news is the price is right – free!  You can download them for free here, and print them at home.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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