Free Hobonichi Weeks Printable – Pink Galaxy!

I recently decided to expand  my Hobonichi horizons and pick up a Hobonichi Weeks.  I’ve been a loyal Hobonichi user for years and years, but my experience has been with the Hobonichi Techo and Hobonichi Techo Cousin.

That’s why I decided to celebrate my new Hobonichi weeks in a very special way!  I’ve created a free Hobonichi Weeks printable!

pink galaxy hobonichi weeks

Pink Galaxy Free Hobonichi Weeks Printable

While this isn’t my first printable, it is my first for Hobonichi Weeks.

I’ve learned a lot between my first and second printable, so much that I’m tempted to go and re-do my Hobonichi Techo Daily Stickers Free Printable.

Besides those, I also have general Hobonichi daily stickers for Techo and Cousin, and a Cousin daily set in the works too.

Anyway, back to this one.  You may be wondering why pink galaxy.

Well, I love space, and I love everything pink.  What else could I say!

For my first try at a Hobonichi weeks printable, I wanted to make sure to make something I could use.

In this kit you will find a TON of stickers to make your weekly layout lots of fun.

I didn’t even use every sticker in the set!

This set comes as two 3″ x 7″ PNG Files.  That means you can print both of these out with your Cricut Maker or other cutting machine at the same time with no issues.

What’s in the Pink Galaxy Hobonichi Weeks Layout?

This set is jammed packed full of fun stuff.

I’m still trying to get used to my Hobonichi weeks, but here’s an overview of what I’ve put in it:

  • Top and bottom pink galaxy washi
  • Exercise tracker for the week
  • Enough water trackers to use daily
  • Lots of squares to block things out
  • Two types of banners
  • Three checklist planets to help with daily goals
  • Fun rocket, star, and planet stickers.

Since these are after all FREE, please give them a try yourself!

How to Make Free Hobonichi Weeks Stickers

To make these stickers, I used the print then cut feature in my Cricut Maker.

Please size each PNG to 3″ wide by 7″ high for the most accurate sizing of your finished stickers.

I also used the no bleed setting while printing this run.  Here is a comparison of bleed and no bleed:

bleed vs no bleed Cricut planner stickers

The bottom used the bleed setting, and the top used no bleed.

Some of the no bleed stickers do have a slight bit of white around the edges, however I feel like the Cricut gets lazy cutting on the no bleed setting sometime, and it cut things off I did not want it to on some of the stickers.

You can download your Hobonichi Weeks Stickers right here:

click to download pink galaxy Hobonichi weeks layout

I hope you enjoy these planner stickers as much as I do.  Be sure to check out the best pens for Hobonichi planners, and the best highlighters for hobonichi!

hobonichi weeks layout pink galaxy

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