8 Awesome Hobonichi Weeks Covers

If you are a Hobonichi addict like me, chances are you have picked up a Hobonichi weeks at some point.  I know I did on a whim last year, and I’m glad.

hobonichi weeks covers wallet

One thing Hobonichi planners are known for are their covers.  For the Techo and Cousin, they are reusable and often used year after year, you’ll just buy a new interior book next year.

Hobonichi weeks are a bit different.  The Hobonichi weeks come in a number of colors and patters, and yet, one of the most popular accessories for the Hobonichi weeks are covers.  

Do I need a Hobonichi Weeks cover?

While the Hobonichi weeks planner can be quite pretty looking on their own, you may want to consider a cover.

Hobonichi covers are a fun way to accessorize your Hobonichi weeks, and can give you extra storage space for things like stencils and pieces of paper you use for notes.  I tend to pack my Hobonichi planners full of Rhoda paper!

Best of all, they are a great protective layer if you drag your Hobonichi weeks around with you everywhere, or throw it into your bag.

Let’s take a look at some of the different Hobonichi weeks covers out there.

What size is the Hobonichi weeks book?

The Hobonichi weeks book is “wallet sized” or (3.75”x 7.4”x 0.4”).

This is the size of many long style wallets.

It may actually fit in your long style wallet if you already have one.  If your wallet zips all the way around, it may be too small, so make sure to measure and pay attention to the size of the inside of the wallet.

Hobonichi weeks cover clear

One of the most popular covers for Hobonichi weeks is the clear cover.

Besides protecting your Hobonichi, it also adds a pen loop on the side, as well as some storage pockets in the front and back.  If you like your cover design, but are used to the features of the Hobonichi Techo and Hobonichi Cousin, this gives them to you.

There are also clear covers that have designs on them to really give your Hobinichi a new look.

You can also add endless stickers to your Hobonichi weeks, or even color on it with a permanent marker.


Hobonichi weeks zipper cover and Hobonichi weeks wallet cover.

There are a couple of ways people refer to covers that zip and have card slots in them.  Some people call them zipper covers, and some people call them wallet covers.


Whatever you call it, I am a fan when I add a cover to my Hobonichi weeks.  I can stash pens, paper, and stencils in them, and that makes it work even better for me.


Some people do like to carry their planner in their wallet though, since it really can be so essential.  Thats why some of these zipper and wallet covers for Hobonichi weeks have become so popular.


Personally, I’m partial to Hobonichi weeks zipper covers when I have a cover on mine.

Hobonichi weeks cover leather

Hobonichi weeks leather covers are a special luxury, and usually have a bit higher of a price point than some of their counter parts.  The good thing is that leather is much more durable than the canvas or plastic Hobonihci Weeks covers are usually made from.

This black one is one of my favorites, and also adds a ton of functionality to the Hobonichi planner.

This is also a fun purple vegan leather option!

If you’re looking for a really classic design, you can try this one:

This is a great rustic option that comes in an array of colors!

A Hobonichi weeks cover can be a great companion for your Hobonihci weeks!

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