How to Download Photos From Pinterest

Pinterest is a great resource for blogging tips, recipes, inspiration, and well, almost everything you can think of.  While we have the ability to Pin Pinterest pins (try saying that 10 times fast!) to our Pinterest boards to see later, sometimes we may want to download photos from Pinterest.  Let’s take a closer look at how we can do this.

How to Download Photos from Pinterest

When it comes to downloading photos from Pinterest, the best use case is to have something easily accessible offline like a recipe.  Sometimes something happens to our computer, and we have to download our own pins from Pinterest because we do not have a copy anywhere else!

It is never okay to download something from Pinterest to pretend you are the creator of the picture.  People put a lot of work into their Pinterest pins, so please be respectful of their time and effort.

Now, I am going to show you how to download pictures from Pinterest for offline reference.  It is very simple to do, and you can do it a few different ways.

I am using Google Chrome on Mac OS.  I am using Google Chrome because it is a browser that is available on every platform.

First, find the picture or pin you want to download for Pinterest.  I am going to use one of my own from an example.

how to download photos from pinterest

Right click the pin.  You can do this on the small version of the pin you see on a board, or if you open the pin for a larger view.  If you are using a Mac without a mouse, command + click the pin.

You will see all of these options.  Select Save Image As…, which I have hi-lighted above.

A save window will pop up, with a pre-populated name that is long an unintelligible.  Be sure to give the picture a name that makes sense so you can find it easily later.

Click save and that is the final step.  You have now downloaded a picture from Pinterest.

There is another way to download a picture from Pinterest, but you actually have to first open the Pin.  Then, click the three dots as shown, and select Download image.

This is another easy way to download from Pinterest, but requires another step.

Downloading Pictures from Pinterest, Final Thoughts

Before you download a pin that has the information you are looking for, be sure to re-pin it to one of your Pinterest boards.  This is just something nice to do for whoever you created the pin.

Remember, these pins have been created by someone else for a specific purpose.  Even if you download a picture from Pinterest, it still does not belong to you.  

Please use the photos you download from Pinterest respectfully, and do not pass them off as your own.


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