How to Find and Follow People on Pinterest

When it comes to using Pinterest, things  can be a bit intimidating at first.  Once you create a Pinterest account, the next thing you may wondering is how to find people on Pinterest, and how to follow someone on Pinterest.  We are going to take a closer look at this basic Pinterest functionality so you can find someone on Pinterest, and follow them, and find exactly what you are looking for on Pinterest!

how to find people on Pinterest

How to Find People on Pinterest

The first step to finding people on Pinterest is to know who you are looking for!  You may already know you are looking for a specific person, or you may be just looking for people with similar interests to follow.  Let’s take a look at how you would accomplish both of these things.

This is how to find someone on Pinterest.

The first thing to remember is that Pinterest is really a search engine, so we are going to start with Pinterest’s search bar.  This is a special Pinterest search bar that you access when you are on your own profile page, so make sure you are at your own profile page when you get started.

pinterest search bar find someone

The first thing to notice on my search view is Analytics and Ads.  I see them in the top navigation bar because I am using a Pinterest Business account.

The next thing to notice, is that Pinterest has pre-populated many things in the search bar for us.

It shows our recent searches, things that are trending on Pinterest, and ideas for you based on what you have searches for on Pinterest so far.

Finally, see all the way on the left where it says Your Pins?  That gives us the ability to toggle exactly what we are searching for.  Let’s take a quick look at the other options:find someone on Pinterest search options

You can toggle the search options based on what you are looking for, whether it be Pins, Boards, Product Pins, Vidoes, or People.  

You will not see this toggle option if you are searching Pinterest from someplace other than your own profile, but you will still see your Recent searches, Ideas for You, and Trending on Pinterest.

Whatever you choose to search for is a great way to find the people who share interests with you on Pinterest.  

How to Find Someone on Pinterest

If you are looking for someone on Pinterest, and you already know who they are, it could not be easier to find someone on Pinterest!

Select People from the drop down, and simply enter their name or Pinterest username:

how to find someone on Pinterest by name


In this example, I’m searching for my friend who writes the High Chair Chronicles blog, which is all about tips and tricks to help get your picky toddlers to eat better!

Besides the fact that I selected People in the search function toggle menu, you can also tell you have found someone by their profile picture popping up next to their name or Pinterest user name.

How to Follow Someone on Pinterest

After we have found someone on Pinterest who we were looking for, or found someone that shares our interests, the next thing to do is to follow them!

When it comes to how to follow someone on Pinterest, it couldn’t be easier.

Simply click the search result that you see above after searching, and you will be brought to their profile page.  Right at the top next to their name, you will see a big red Follow button.

how to follow someone on Pinterest

Just click it and you have followed someone on Pinterest!  If you follow a link from somewhere to a Pinterest profile directly, you will also see this nice big red Follow button.

How to Find People, Find Someone, and Follow Someone on Pinterest

Finding people that share your interests, finding someone specific, and following someone on Pinterest are three of the activities you will do most, especially if you are new to Pinterest.  Pinterest doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and there are so many different ways to find the information you are looking for.

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