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Welcome to everything Pinterest at TechStarZone!  When we started TechStarZone, we decided to also open a Pinterest for business account for this site as an expreiment.

how to use pinterest free guide for bloggers

Our Pinterest following as grown in leaps and bounds!  In less than six months we were able to grow our Pinterest following to over 2,500!

In order to help others get started with Pinterest and Pinterest for Business, I have created this page with all of our Pinterest tutorials and guides in one easy to find spot.  This page is broken down into the following topics:

Stay tuned for more great content on how to use Pinterest!  This page will be updated frequently as we add more content specifically for Pinterest to the site.

How to Get Pinterest Followers

Want to get more followers on Pinterest?  I have done really well attracting new Pinterest followers since I started the TechStarZone Pinterest account.  I have broken down what I did into two helpful guides to teach bloggers how to use Pinterest.

I managed to rack up 500 Pinterest followers in my first 78 days on Pinterest.  I was really shocked at this, since I had never ever used Pinterest for anything but trying to decide what to make for dinner!

From there, my growth was exponential, and I reached 1000 Pinterest followers in just 95 days, so I doubled my following in less than a month!

These guides have everything you need to get started with Pinterest!

Joining and Managing Pinterest Group Boards

As you will see in the above guides, joining Pinterest group boards is essential in the early days of your Pinterest account.  Keeping Pinterest Group Boards Simple is essential to your success, especially as you are getting used to the Pinterest platform!

Pinterest group boards do not need to be difficult or overwhelming at all!  Remember to keep it simple by only joining boards with a 1:1 pin ratio.  The Group Boards guide will explain everything to you!

The Ultimate Pinterest Analytics Guide

Pinterest provides a ton of detailed analytics to help you understand how your account is doing.  All of this detail can be very overwhelming at first.  Luckily I have created a detailed Pinterest Analytics guide to explain exactly how to use it.

In the guide you will learn how to use Pinterest analytics, and what the three key Pinterest metrics actually mean.  You will see the following terms over and over again when it comes to Pinterest:

  • Impressions (Who is seeing your pin)
  • Saves (Who is “pinning” your pin)
  • Clicks (Who is clicking your pin and visiting your site)

This guide gives more detail on these key Pinterest success metrics!

Integrate Pinterest Into Your Website by Putting Pinterest Pins on Your Blog

Of course, when it comes to learning Pinterest for bloggers, having pins in your blog posts and on your blog pages is very important!  To integrate Pinterest into your website, the best thing to do is to put pins on your blog.

This is very easy to do even without a WordPress plugin if you learn a few simple things about how webpages are coded.

In this detailed guide on putting Pinterest pins on your blog, you will learn how to manage Pinterest pins without a WordPress plugin!  Stay tuned for updates to this guide, as it is a very hot topic!