A Pen That Writes Upside Down

If you are looking for a pen that writes upside down, I have all the information you need on how to find the absolute best one.

First I want to take a moment to talk about how it was developed.  No one really sat and thought about writing with a pen upside down, but the same technology came into play when humans began going to space, and needed to write!

Finding a Pen That Writes Upside Down

Traditional pens did not work, because there was no gravity in space.  This means new technologies had to be developed to make pens work, and the same applies to a pen that writes upside down.  If you are writing upside down, you still cannot use the force of gravity to help the ink flow.

While there are several pens that will do this for you, the first in the industry was Fisher.  Fisher makes their classic “Space Pen” which can write in basically any conditions, including upside down, and is the best known.

The secret is the ink cartridges, which are pressurized.  As such, they cost a little bit more than a traditional pen cartridge.

Now let’s take a look at finding a pen that writes upside down for you, and works for your needs.

Pen That Writes Upside Down

Fisher now makes a number of space pens that write upside down in all different colors and finishes. There are a couple of other pens that write upside down now as well, one of which you will recongize if you have ever read about the other types of pens I love.

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