Pinterest Business Accounts vs Personal Accounts

When it comes to using Pinterest, there are two types accounts: Pinterest business accounts and personal ones.  If you have not decided what sort of Pinterest account you have come to the right place.  We are going to talk about Pinterest business accounts vs personal accounts, the differences between them, and when you should pick each one.

pinterest business account vs personal

What’s the Point of Pinterest?

Before we talk about the different types of Pinterest accounts, I want to talk about Pinterest itself.  You may be asking yourself “What’s the point of Pinterest anyway?”.

Now, ask yourself what is the point of Google or any other search engine?  To find information.  It is the same thing with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine.  Unlike other search engines, the results on Pinterest are primarily graphics and pictures with some text description.  This is different than the lists of titles and descriptions you would get in other search engines.

There are two reasons to make a Pinterest accounts.  The first one is to find things.  The second reason is to get your things found.  This will tie into the different types of Pinterest accounts.

What is a Pinterest Personal Account?

A Pinterest personal account is what you have when you sign up for Pinterest.  You then have an option to convert it to a business account.

A Pinterest personal account is ideal if you want to find things.  Sure, you can still upload your own pins, but you won’t be able to see the statistics on the things you pin.

These Pinterest Analytics are things like impressions, views and clicks.

If you are just on Pinterest to find things, this account is perfect for you.

What is a Pinterest Business Account?

Just like a Pinterest personal account, you can pin things on Pinterest with a Pinterest Business Account.

The main difference with a Pinterest Business Account is you have access to the Pinterest Business Hub.

The Pinterest Business Hub is your at a glance view of how your account is doing:

Pinterest business hub

Beyond this at a glance view of your Pinterest account, you can also get a detailed analytics view.  

This detailed view will give you information about things like impressions, saves, and clicks to help you determine which of you Pin designs are doing the best.

You an also learn more about your audience with Audience insights.  It lets you know what the people who are seeing your pins are interested in, so you can better tailor your pins and your content to suit your audience.

Finally are Pinterest ads.  If you want to promote pins with Pinterest ads, you must have a Pinterest business account!

Pinterest Business Account vs Personal Account: The Main Takeaway

If you are a casual Pinterest user looking for something new to try, a Pinterest personal account is right for you.

If you are a blogger or brand owner, and want to see analytics on your Pins, then a Pinterest Business account is the way to go.

Don’t forget, a Pinterest business account is completely free and easy to get started with!  Stay tuned for more of our Pinterest guides!

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