Things Successful Bloggers Do Every Morning

//Things Successful Bloggers Do Every Morning

Things Successful Bloggers Do Every Morning

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We all know being a blogger is hard work.  Whether you are a pro blogger, just starting out, or somewhere in between, we all know things can be hard sometimes. Becoming a successful blogger is not easy, and every little bit of advice helps.  I came up with this list of daily tips to help any blogger get out of a rut, and stay successful and productive!

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Starting the Day Right is Key To Being a Successful Blogger

There is no single tip that I can give you to starting the day right, and it varies a little bit for everyone.  For me, I have learned a successful day begins with a couple of different things.

Let’s take a look at what you can do at the beginning of your day to get productive!  These are not listed in any particular order, so feel free to do them in whatever order suits you best.

Successful Bloggers Check Social Media Accounts

I like to start the day by checking all of my social media accounts.  We all have social media followers in time zones other than ours, so I like to get an idea what happened over night first thing in the morning, so I can incorporate anything into my day that has come from it.  Sometimes it is a couple of quick reposts or responses, and other times I make sure to schedule some social media time for later in the day when a lot has gone on overnight.

Either way, it is a great idea to check in first thing in the morning!  A big mistake new bloggers often make is not engaging on their social media platforms.  Be sure to check out our guide on the 5 most common social media mistakes and how to avoid them!

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Successful Bloggers Eat and Drink Something

For years and years, I just was not a breakfast person, and I eventually realized this made me a crankier and less productive person!  Every morning, make sure you start the day by eating and drinking something, even if it is only a little bit.  Besides the fact that our bodies need fuel to work properly, this is a great habit to get into and will quickly become part of your morning routine.

If you are looking for some great ideas for breakfast, be sure to check out babaganosh blog.

I am sort of boring and eat the exact same thing almost every morning.   Oh well, it works!  The one thing I cannot live without though is my one cup of coffee a day.  One of the coolest and easiest to use coffee tools is called an AeroPress.


I put a nice dark espresso roast in there, and am never disappointed with the result.   When my fancy espresso machine needed a part replaced, I used the AeroPress for a few days, and was almost sad to go back to regular espresso!  I like this tool so much because I only drink one cup of coffee a day, so there is really no point in making a whole pot.

Review Your List of Published Content

I keep a list of published content, with notes on some specifics of the post. This way, I can see my content in a single place.  Many times, I will take a quick look at this list, and come up with ideas for new content (see the next topic), or new ideas on how to link content to each other.  I love to link to different pieces of content in a single blog post, to make sure my reader is learning absolutely everything they can about the topic they are reading about.

Review Your Running List of Blog Ideas

One of the best simple tools a blogger can have is a blog ideas list.  This list can take many forms, such as on good old paper or a digital notebook, but at the end of the day it is one of the best tools to keep a blog running smoothly.  Make sure to check in with your blog ideas list every day!  Be sure to check out this guide and example to help you get started.

Even a few minutes glancing over it daily is enough to help get those creative juices flowing, and can really give you some great new ideas.

Successful Bloggers Come Up With A Daily Plan

I also like to take a few moments and try to decide what I am going to do for the rest of the day.  For this, I am a huge fan of a paper planner.  I make sure I take the time to at least write down a few things I know I want to accomplish.  I am not a huge stickler for making sure everything gets done, so having everything in front of me makes it easy to move things around.  A planner is also a great place to keep track of things like the number of social media followers you have on the platforms you use.

When it comes to planning, a big part of it is figuring out what works for you.  If you are not really ready for a full fledge planner (some people say they feel like it makes them less productive), any notebook will do.  I tend to like notebooks with either grids or dots to help me develop a layout.  From there, you can do things a couple of ways:

  • Page a day
  • Weekly Layout (2 page spread)
  • Monthly Layout (1 or 2 page spread)

I use all three in my planner!

Here are some planner essentials I love to use to make things a little more interesting.

Starting with a blank notebook is great because you can start the planning process whenever you want, and make sure it suits your needs specifically.

Successful Bloggers Do Not Give Up!

Starting a successful blog is a lot of work, and successful bloggers do not give up!  These tips are great for helping you to start a productive daily routine to get you in the groove when it comes to working on your blog.  Working on these things daily, and coming up with your daily plan can help you stay on track, and as a bonus you can look back at things like your running list of content, blog idea list, and planner to see how far you have really come!

What else do you do every morning to be successful?  Be sure to let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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