The Best Pens for Signing Books

Anyone who loves books can attest to how much time and effort goes into writing them.  Whether you are signing a book as a gift, or signing a book you wrote it is important to understand the best pens for signing books.

The best pens for book autographs have a couple of different properties:

  • The point isn’t too sharp.  After all, we do not want to damage the book.
  • The ink isn’t too thick.  We don’t want the ink to bleed through the pages of the book.
  • They are easy to write with.  If you are doing a book signing, you will need to write fast, and for a long time!
  • They don’t smear or smudge.  There is nothing worse than an illegible book autograph.

When I did my first book signing as an author, I put a lot of thought into what type of pen I would use.  I also purchased a number of pens to test writing with before my signing.

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Here is a list of my recommendations for the best pens for book signing.

Best Pens for Signing Books

When it comes to signing books, it is very importaint to pick the right pen. Here is a list of my favorite pens for book autographs, listed in my order of preference.

I have used all of these pens for signing books at one point or another.  You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

The Sharpie pens are hands down my favorite – but remember, these are the Sharpie Pens, not the Sharpie Markers!  While you may think a Sharpie marker is a good choice for book signing, the ink has a tendency to bleed through pages.

If you are signing other items, the Sharpie marker is a great choice.

The best pens for book signing are easy to write with, and have ink that does not bleed or smear.  If you choose any pen from this, you can’t go wrong when book signing day comes!

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