The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Startup’s Blog Infographic

A blog is a vital tool for any growing company.  It is a way to communicate about your products and services with the world.  It is also a way to attract potential customers by publishing content enabling them to solve the problems they face every day.

Check out this quick and easy to use reference for everything you need to keep in mind when you are launching your startup’s blog!  Be sure to read the full article here!

ultimate guide to launching startup corporate blog infographic

Why A Blog Launch Infographic?

Well, why not?  After all, an infographic is a great way to absorb information.

This particular infographic touches on all of the points in the original article, however is much easier and quicker to read than a whole blog post.

It also has the URL of the post in case the reader wants to read the whole guide.

How to Create an Infographic

This is my first foray into the world of infographics.  I used Canva for creating almost all of my images.

Why?  Simply because Canva is simple.

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