The Best Tools You Need to Work From Home

//The Best Tools You Need to Work From Home

The Best Tools You Need to Work From Home

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When it comes to working for home, I am a total pro.  I have been working a job exclusively from home for over five years at this point.  One thing I have learned is that working with tried and true tools you love make it easier and more enjoyable.  Sure, free office supplies were nice when I was in an office, but when it comes down to it I am a real paper and pen nerd.

I have also found my daily tools to be extremely helpful when I am blogging from home in my free time.  I have different notebooks I use for work and for blogging, but their general qualities remain the same.  As I have said in a number of blog posts, nothing holds a candle to pen and paper for me.

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Without further ado, here is a list of my favorite work from home and blog from home office supplies.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a must have for a number of reasons.  I like to put them on my monitor or laptop screen to remind me of keywords, things I have to do, or goals I want to work on.  I also like to keep some paper around to just write throw away notes on, like if I am trying to count things like Pinterest pins or numbers of blog posts.  The Extreme post-it notes are just that – Extreme!  They NEVER fall off.

Post-it Sticky Notes 5 pack

Amazon Basics Sticky Notes

Post-it Extreme 3 Pack Sticky Notes


I have talked about how much I love paper in many blog posts. I use note books for everyrhing from bloggning to my day job to other projects I am working on. Here are some of my favorite types of notebooks.

Fancy Notebooks

I love love love Stalogy notebooks! I love the feel and thickness of the paper, and how well the notebooks wear. I use one of these to keep notes for all of my websites in. They are a little expensive, but considering they come with 365 pages (you can use them as a planner as well, there is a section on each page where you can circle the day and date), they last a long time and are worth the investment to me. They also come in different sizes and orientations based on your preferences!

Stalogy A6 365 Day Notebook

Stalogy B6 365 Day Notebook

Stalogy S4 Notebook

Next in the also sort of fancy category are Rhodia notebooks.  Again, they come in different shapes and sizes, and the feel and texture of the paper is amazing.  It is a bit smoother and thicker than the Stalogy notebooks.  Besides Notebooks, they also make a number of tear away pads which are always great to have handy.  I especially love the dot grid format.

Rhodiarama A5 Lined Notebook

Rhodia Dot Grid Notebook

Rhodia Final A5 Dot Pad

More Cost Effective Notebooks

I know I am sort of crazy to spend this much on notebooks becuause I love paper so mcuh, but there are also many more cost effective options out there (and I use them too!). The Amazon Basics Classic <<>> is definately comparable to some of the more expensive brands like Stalogy and Rhodia we just talked about. There are also your good old fashioned spiral and bound notebooks, which you can never go wrong with.

Amazon Basics Classic Notebook

Mead Bound Notebooks 12 Pack

Amazon Basics Spiral Notebooks 5 Pack


We need pens to write on paper, right? I could probably write a guidebook on pens at this point, because I love to write, but I will try to keep it to a couple of my favorites based on function.

Ball Point Pens

You cannot go wrong with a classic ball point pen. My favorite are the RSVP pens by Pentel. These pens, like many others, come in different line thicknesses. Personally, I am all about pens that make a very fine line, .5 MM or less, but that is not for everyone.

Pentel RSVP 12 Pack – .7 MM (Medium)

Pentel RSVP Fine – 12 Pack

Pentel RSVP Medium – 8 Pack of Colors

Gel Pens

I love a good gel pen. While you may be used to gel pens that are prone to smearing, the gel pens of today are something completely different and you will not have that problem with a good gel pen of today.  Once again, gel pens come in varying thicknesses and colors, and while I tend to stick with the finer points, here are a few of my very favorites.

Pentel EnerGel 5 Pack – .7 MM (Medium)

Pentel EnerGel Fine .5 MM – 5 Pack

PaperMate InkJoy Colors – Fine .5 MM

The Wonderful World of Tombow

I really love to use all sorts of colors in my planner and notebooks to make notes pop. Colored markers and pens are great for things like section headings or anything you want to stand out in your notes, planner, or journal. I have listed a number of colored pens above, but I like to use both pens and markers.

I hands down love Tombow markers for this purpose. My current favorite is this pack I just picked up – it is a colored pack of their brush pens with a nice hard tip for finer writing. I like to make my notes pretty, and have been playing with hand lettering as a hobby, so this set suits both purposes.

I also love the Tombow dual brush pens, and well, a little of everything they have. Be sure to browse and see what you are interested in to make your planning and notes more exciting. The dual brush pens are a great choice since one side is a brush pen and the other is a nice fine marker tip.

I have tried a number of Tombow products, and never been disappointed in them.

I will be sure to update this list when I find something new that makes me productive while I am working from home and blogging from home.

Did we miss any must haves for working and blogging from home?  Be sure to let us know in the comments, or on Twitter.

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